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Hello Googlers, Gmailers & Facebookers! Are you aware that Google is NOT a private company? Read the fine print of their (Google’s) privacy policies! They (Google) collect more data than almost any other entity in the world. As a matter of fact, they (Google) received their technology from the NSA. No one knows how much data they (Google) have, how many data centers they (Google) have and they (Google) are not telling anyone. They (Google) buy more hard drives than almost any other entity in the entire world and that includes more than some, entire countries! “Don’t be evil,” my ass? Facebook tracks every piece of data you give them and they track every single click to all the major sites on the Internet. Data collection and tracking are just nicer sounding words and terms than what it really is which is, SPYING! Are you ready for “real time?”

READ IT FOR YOURSELVES (go to all the following URL’ s (web sites) or click the links below:


Google’s motto: “Don’t Be Evil,” is being contradicted and Google is accused of being in collusion with Facebook, in court, May, 2014. Oh NO, our beloved FREE search engine, FREE e-mail and FREE social media, may be “evil?”

Are you ready for “real time?” Are you ready to return to the past? Are you ready to have REAL Face to Face, ice cream cone to ice cream cone, string to string and can to can communication? 🙂

Real Time

Real Time





Your Town Crier


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Hear Ye, Hear Ye –

The American Eagle Party to change:


Coming Soon!


Your Town Crier

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This is #4 of 6 blogs all associated with each other. Click on the links below to visit these blogs
#1 of 6 blogs Our Lady Liberty to Illuminate – provide information, history, resources and the initial tools WE need
#2 of 6 is An American Eagle to Inspire – tell a story about a story that comes true
#3 of 6 is The American Eagle Service The American Eagle Service is to Initiate – take action and make a story come true
#4 of 6 is American Eagle News (You are Here) to Inform – provide news and announcements concerning WE the people
#5 of 6 is American Eagle Store to Invest – purchase stuff and to contribute to, WE the People
#6 of 6 is 1 of WE Project to Incubate – a national project to encourage and nurture our wee little 1’s of WE 🙂

Welcome to AmericanEagleNews. This blog is for announcements and news concerning, The American Eagle Service of WE the People. Our town crier and the press is standing by! 🙂

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