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“Don’t Be Evil”

Hello Googlers, Gmailers & Facebookers! Are you aware that Google is NOT a private company? Read the fine print of their (Google’s) privacy policies! They (Google) collect more data than almost any other entity in the world. As a matter of fact, they (Google) received their technology from the NSA. No one knows how much data they (Google) have, how many data centers they (Google) have and they (Google) are not telling anyone. They (Google) buy more hard drives than almost any other entity in the entire world and that includes more than some, entire countries! “Don’t be evil,” my ass? Facebook tracks every piece of data you give them and they track every single click to all the major sites on the Internet. Data collection and tracking are just nicer sounding words and terms than what it really is which is, SPYING! Are you ready for “real time?”

READ IT FOR YOURSELVES (go to all the following URL’ s (web sites) or click the links below:


Google’s motto: “Don’t Be Evil,” is being contradicted and Google is accused of being in collusion with Facebook, in court, May, 2014. Oh NO, our beloved FREE search engine, FREE e-mail and FREE social media, may be “evil?”

Are you ready for “real time?” Are you ready to return to the past? Are you ready to have REAL Face to Face, ice cream cone to ice cream cone, string to string and can to can communication? 🙂

Real Time

Real Time





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Hear Ye, Hear Ye –

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Dinner and a Show

by Dahni

© Copyright 7/6/09

all rights reserved

Here Ye, Here Ye –


Now I realize a couple of things. For one, the Fourth of July or Independence Day is over and I am sometimes very slow in discovering things. Over the holiday, I just happened to have read a book and watched a musical on television. Both I want to share a bit and recommend them to you. What’s for dinner? Eat a good book.

Dinner&Show2“Rumors have flourished over the years about the true relationship between George and Martha Washington. In Mount Vernon Love Story, Mary Higgins Clark applies extensive historical research to create a fictional account of a love story for the ages. The book includes pictures of various paintings of George, Patsy, Mount Vernon, and other scenes. For those who have only seen Washington‘s famous portrait on the dollar bill, these give a glimpse into the real person, his home and family.”

Excerpt of Review by Melissa Parcel


This book by Mary Higgins Clark was originally published by Simon & Schuster, in June of 2002. See, I told you I was slow in discovering stuff. But this is a good read. I liked it because it’s short, a quick read and it has pictures. Just my kind of book! 🙂

The book has enough beef and brawn for most any man-boy and can jerk tears out of almost any lady-lass or those perhaps few romantic souls, of the male sort. I either cried or I had allergies as my eyes were wet, but I’m not telling which one it was. 🙂

The historical accuracy will amaze you and the fiction will trigger the imagination and you’ll find yourself living along with George and ‘Patsy’ Washington, in the 1700’s. It is interesting to me that the affectionately called, Father and Mother of OUR Country, never had any of their own children together, as man and wife. I guess WE are their heirs and they are OUR parents. Do yourself a favor, buy or borrow this book. It’s a good book to eat.

Now for the show.

Dinner&Show31776 is a musical with music and lyrics by Sherman Edwards and a book by Peter Stone. It is based on the events leading to the writing and signing of the United States Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1776.

The musical was produced on Broadway in 1969, running for 1,217 performances, and was released as a musical film of the same name on November 17th, 1972. See again, I’m slow to discover stuff, just like I wrote before.

1776 is a lighthearted somewhat historical, slightly fictional and an interesting take as a musical, in the days leading up to July 4th, 1776.

Our founding fathers are portrayed as the scrappers and opinionated men that they were, much like most of US today. This is an interesting and fun way to learn about OUR history and the men and women that set things in motion for the country WE enjoy today.

There were 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence and like today, they argued back and forth and often like stubborn school boys. The most amazing thing seen in this full of fun and fiction film (which is historically accurate), that somehow, all 56 signers came to a unanimous decision. When something is important enough, differences can be set aside. Every member of our present congress could and would benefit from this film. Maybe they too, would get a lot more done, for WE the People?


Your Town Crier